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I would like COACH-WORKS.ORG to be a site that gives away all the secrets of coaching for free. (If there's a business model I haven't seen it yet - I absolutely don't want there to be selling slipped in behind the free stuff although if you find anything you would like to buy, please do!!!) I would like there to be articles about coaching, videos to help that explain stuff, interviews with powerful coaches that can help you think differently, and disrupt the obstacles to positive change. I would like there to be people talking about the challenges they face, and for people to discus, listen and ask questions. I would like this to be a place for curious people, I would like it to have links to free courses for things related to coaching, and to give access to any books or research that might be relevant, and where possible those same books with have free versions available... I would like to offer free coaching when I can, and when I can't to put people in need in touch with coaches that might be willing to help for causes they think worthy...

COACH-WORKS.ORG is free learning, free support, community, and if possible, free coaching for people in need.


Some years ago I was offered free coaching because I had no money and I guess the coaching organisation thought I had some kind of potential for growth. I loved it. From then on everything I set my heart on would become worth pushing for: trying, often failing, reframing, learning, trying again...


I sometimes go and work at the library (the Tolbiac site of the Bibliothèque nationale de France). I started because I didn't have anywhere else to work at the time (home too noisy, café too expensive). But at the bibliothèque I could find a quiet space, sometimes in a reading room, more often in the long corridor on the minus one level, lined with hundreds of single space desks or just chairs, always full of people working. I had a pretty good computer, but some were writing with pen and paper, surrounded by books and notes, old and young, sometimes in groups, mostly alone and really focused.


Then I started noticing athletes training in parks, musicians finding quiet abandoned spaces to practice scales early in the morning, troupes of dancers working hard hours on complex choreography in public spaces. When I was a student and before that even, I had complained about conditions never being quite right for me to work. But now I was inspired by so many people with no advantages, choosing to find means to get things done. I wanted to work too. I wrote books, and pretty much anything I could get money from, and I paid for my study to become a coach. When I was certified I got occasional well-paid jobs with top managers and I watched people make seemingly impossible transformations become reality and I got a lot of positive feedback.


I think these skills ought to be available to all, common knowledge, common tools, open access. But I can't coach more than a handful of people for free: I too want some success and to transform my lot and push against statistics that would make me an improbable entity, and the hours in a day are limited. So I dreamed of a platform where everybody interested could learn about coaching, form communities, how to coach themselves to greater achievement, better communication, greater creativity... I'm not sure how completely altruistic this is: maybe I will get recognition, or more work, or sell books, or be the first coach on the moon, but the thing that is driving me right now is that this might be a way of leaving a trace on this earth that outgrows me and that I can be proud of. :-)


My name is Benjamin Constable, I'm a coach, mostly in big businesses at the moment. I'm certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Before becoming a coach I worked for many years as an adult trainer in language and communication. I also did occasional work as a copywriter, content creator, translator, I've recorded voice overs for video, I've been a musician, driven trucks, worked behind bars... I've also written and published a couple of novels, one translated into a handful of languages. I still write and train and coach and these things occupy much of my time.

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